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Kyan & Bilal straight young boys - Young Straight Boys

Kyan & Bilal straight young boys

Kyan is a 19 y.o. African boy, and Bilal is a 20 y.o. very skinny North-African boy.
I found them in the south of Europe. They are both hetero and with BIG cocks!
Of course, they don’t do a lot together, but this set is very arousing anyway, because very similar to “real-life”.


The most that they could do was dick comparisons, with their 2 dicks touching each other (which was rather brief because Bilal felt uncomfortable with a “black cock” touching him !).
But anyway don’t worry, this set is very good.

I managed to have Kyan and Bilal taking a shower together, it was very fun – we made dick comparisons etc 🙂 I tried to have them fucking the same jelly pussy (one unique hole) but Bilal could not (he said that he was “feeling bad” (meaning “uncomfortable” (having a black cock glued to your own intimate parts was surely disturbing for him))) – Kyan seemed very amused by all that (and also very curious about the dick of Bilal (sure he does not see dicks everyday…)), not like the first days when he was a bit afraid of me because I’m “not married”… – Of course they jerk and cum – needless to say that they don’t touch each other (since they are really str8), however I hold their dicks touching together, which is not so bad for such guys 🙂