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Atess is a wonderful cute North African shy and skinny straight boy - Young Straight Boys

Atess is a wonderful cute North African shy and skinny straight boy

Atess is a wonderful cute North African shy and skinny straight boy, and it seems I will keep forever the feeling of his sweet dick in my mouth ! We could do a lot of things. Like a dream. And he liked it a lot as well.


A very beautiful Arab boy with a delicious cock !
Of course, with a little more muscles, he would have been even more beautiful… but you can’t have all… And he his so lovely and “pure” that you will probably forgive this.
I played really a lot of time with his dick (here you see “only” 52 minutes). A very good time worshipping him and his marvellous sand-colour smooth clean body and his very palatable dick ! 😉
At the end, I noticed that he always carefully tried to hide his bottom, I found that funny and I insisted to make videos of it, but no way ! (he even turned a bit angry – like “are you crazy or what ?!”). Then, after some talks, and an offer of 20% more money, he finally accepted for ONE picture ! And I made 2, because the first one was not so good for me (and maybe you noticed that I’m not the kind of guy who will do only 1 pic of something !).
You might like to know that these “20%” are like the average salary for TWO WEEKS of work, then I guess that a one-week pay for a 2-second pic is rather fair…
Maybe you also calculated that with the 2 sessions I made, he earned almost a half year of living (which helped him a lot for his studies).
You don’t understand why he was SO RELUCTANT to show his bottom ? It’s very simple : for them, the bottom is like their “female side” (referring to women getting fucked from behind before marriage (to remain virgin), and of course to gay men – who are rare and look like women anyway). Therefore, in the mind of most Arab boys, showing (willingly) their “back” nude, means nothing else than “here is my ass, you can see my hole, I show it to you, it’s for you, you can ass-fuck me !”. At least, that’s what I finally understood after several years of knowledge of these genuine boys. And of course nudity is something happening only accidentally, thus, seing an ass, for them, is immediately arousing (and the question of the female or male ownership of an “offered” ass (i.e. showed) is something very secondary in such case.YoungStraightBoys-com_Atess_007  YoungStraightBoys-com_Atess_154